Choosing the Right PR Firm/Specialist

PR Department Vs Hiring Outside PR Services


If you own a business and would like to benefit from utilising PR services, you have two options. You can either create a PR department and employ PR staff or hire outside PR services. The first option is without a doubt a better idea because the entire PR department is working for you alone. As a result, you can expect a better service than from a firm which is working for multiple clients.

The Cost Result Ratio

Having own PR department significantly increases the costs of operation because PR specialists are quite expensive. In fact, most small and medium sized companies cannot afford to hire even a single full time PR specialist. This is due to the fact that you do not only need a PR specialist but you need a good PR specialist if you want to benefit from utilising PR services. If you cannot afford to employ a full time PR specialist, the only option is to hire outside PR services which can boost your business as well.

Tips on Choosing a PR Firm or Specialist

Whom you hire to carry out PR for you, of course matters a lot in the overall effect of the PR campaign. When you will be choosing between the many PR firms and freelance PR specialists, you are therefore recommended to pay attention to the following factors: