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CIPR Proactive About Professional Misconduct 9 November 2006


The Chartered Institute of Public Relations has amended the regulations governing its Code of Conduct, enabling it to proactively examine allegations of its members’ poor practice or misconduct.

The way the code was originally constructed meant that the Institute could only investigate such practices after a formal complaint had been lodged.

The new arrangements mean that the conduct of a CIPR member can be investigated by the Chartered Institute if there is information about them allegedly acting inappropriately and the Director General or President considers it in the public interest to investigate.

CIPR Director General, said: "This amendment will allow us to act proactively in tackling any apparent professional wrong doing by one of our members or, just as important, to clear a member’s name. As leaders of the industry the Chartered Institute must be able to act when a member’s actions seem to call the profession into disrepute.

"Our Code of Conduct is concerned with professionalism - the backbone of the industry. All our members sign up to it and by doing so demonstrate that they will adhere to the highest levels of integrity and are prepared to be held accountable for their work."