Hitting the Headlines in Europe


A Country-by-Country Guide to Effective Media Relations
Cathie Burton & Alan Drake £24.95
Paperback 0 7494 4226 3 224
May 2004

Published in association with the Institute of Public Relations.

Communicating across cultural and linguistic barriers is a specialist skill beyond the core competencies of the PR professional. In this complex environment, there are pitfalls to avoid and innovations to adopt, and linguistic skills are only part of the equation.

The authors, established journalists and PR practitioners in Europe, draw on their combined experience of working for an organisation with 45 member countries to outline the basic issues, and include suggestions on how to solve the problems that can arise. The book also features vital media profiles and a chapter on the European lobbying system. PR practitioners, journalists, consultants and students will find it an essential resource for working in an increasingly integrated European media landscape.